Three Wedding Trends We Can All Agree On!

Dresses, flowers and venues, oh my! With each and every new year comes an array of the latest and greatest wedding trends and must haves. And like with many things when it comes to weddings and trends no bride has to follows them all. This is the perfect chance for brides to learn about the newest trends, get inspired and then bring their own individuality and style to the table and incorporate what works best for them. In today’s world a … [Read more...]

Weddings and Wedding Pictures – Say Cheese!

Let’s face it; it takes a great deal of time, money and energy to plan weddings. When it comes to wedding planning there are so many crucial decisions to make and so many details to remember. The big ones include date, location, theme, dress, guest list, cake, what to serve and who to entertain and really the list does continue. At times remembering the bigger ticket items will cause the bridal couple to loose site of the smaller ones. Though I’m … [Read more...]

Planning a Wedding: It’s All in the Details

Okay, brace yourselves, but I LOVE everything involved in planning a wedding. Although not my area of expertise (I’m more about meetings and conferences) whenever a close friend or family member gets engaged, I tend to get that phone call. You know, the one that most planners are familiar with. The one that goes something like “I know you’re not a wedding planner but I was hoping you could help me out with a few things...” And I’m always happy … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning: It’s All About Uniqueness and Joy!

I love event and wedding planning. Yes, it’s a love hate relationship but really what isn’t. I enjoy taking something from ground zero and turning it into something extraordinary, by using my knowledge, experience and people skills and applying them to create fabulous events. My most favorite part of the experience is the end when a happy client is beaming and makes my day by uttering two simple words ... “thank you”. It really does make it all … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning – We’re Talking Styling Wedding Cocktail Hour

Wedding Planning – First Things First, A Little Proposal, A Big Yes and A Wedding Checklist Two small but exciting words “wedding planning” that include so much more than one would imagine. Until of course that day is here. Once the question is asked and the person on the receiving end has responded in the most positive way all that remains is the planning, wedding planning that is. And to say that’s an understatement is well an … [Read more...]