Wedding and Event Planning NHL Style – a Lesson in Tolerance!

A key factor for wedding and event planning is the ability to deliver something unique. After all if it's unique it's going to leave a lasting impression. And hopefully a positive impression. At least that's the goal for anyone in the wedding and event planning industry. And not to sound partisan here, but if I hear one more GOP candidate tell us that the US will be ruined if we accept same-sex marriages I think I'll start screaming at the top … [Read more...]

Same Sex Wedding Planning Means Big Bucks To New York State

On June 24th New York became the 7th State to allow same sex couples to marry. As soon as the Marriage Equality Act was signed by Governor Cuomo, news outlets started reporting on what that would mean for the state's economy. Same sex wedding planning began almost immediately. For those that thought that this legislation would be a disaster for the state, they may want to think again. Same Sex Wedding Planning Companies are Seeing Revenues … [Read more...]