Planning a Marijuana Conference in Washington and Colorado? Don’t Exhale Just Yet.

So you may have heard that there was an election recently. We all now know that President Obama has a mandate for another four years and Gov. Romney is now leaving the national spotlight. Whatever will we do without those never-ending political ads? But, did you also know that Colorado and Washington State also voted to decriminalize marijuana (or rather small quantities of marijuana). So, does that mean that the meetings and events industry … [Read more...]

Planning a Conference Checklist Items

For anyone planning a conference, a checklist is important for a number of reasons. Of course the most obvious reason why you would use a checklist when planning a conference is to keep track of all of the small details that are required as part of your planning. After all, it is all about the details. Which begs the question - when planning a conference what checklist items should be covered? Well of course it does depend on which type of … [Read more...]

Four Ways That Corporate Meeting Planners Can Trim Budgets

Corporate meeting planners are always looking for creative ways that they can trim their meetings budget without losing too much of the overall program. To say that that's a bit of a juggling act might be an understatement. Today, corporate meeting planners have a tough job. Of course for many corporations and associations meetings are a vital part of their operation. But the question for many corporate meeting planners is "how do I still put on … [Read more...]

Can the EU Learn from the Berlin Conference Lesson Plan

First things first. What is the Berlin conference lesson plan? The Berlin conference was a meeting in Berlin, Germany from November 1884 to February 1885. Attending the conference were representatives from many European nations such as Britain, France and Germany in addition to representatives from the United States. The conference"s plan was to discuss free trade on the Congo and the Niger rivers. In the 1880s 80% of Africa remained under … [Read more...]

Have Meeting and Convention Planners Soured on Alabama?

Meeting and convention planners are always looking for new and exciting destinations to take their groups. Talk to any planner about how they select destinations and almost all of them will tell you that they will avoid controversy. Last year the Alabama Legislature enacted, what many say, is a controversial immigration law. Many are comparing it to Arizona and Georgia"s own tough stand on immigration. However with regards to Alabama, many are … [Read more...]