Which Event Planning Association Should You Join?

The meeting and event planning industry, like most industries, has no shortage of associations. But how do you know which event planning association is right for you? While there are great qualities and resources for most of our industry's associations, which one to join really depends on what you're current goals are. Are you looking for an event planning association to network and, perhaps, find your future clients? Or are you looking to … [Read more...]

Have You Joined a Meeting Planner Association to Further Your Career?

Ask a seasoned meeting planner what they would recommend you do to further your career and, more often than not, they will tell you to network. Networking is a great way to meet industry leaders as well as to keep on top of the latest and greatest event planning trends. Think of it like organic growth. You won"t necessarily start to see the results of your efforts until you have attended several networking events. But, by becoming a member of a … [Read more...]

Conference and Event Planning Forecast for 2013

Anyone involved with conference and event planning will tell you that the last four years have been a challenge, to say the least. As far as my memory goes (and trust me it doesn"t go that far) I can"t think of another period in my life where the economic downturn has lasted so long. And in case you"re wondering that"s around a half a century. Each year we"ve all been promised that this is the end of the recession and things will get better. And … [Read more...]

Do Meeting Planners Slow Down for the Holidays? Absolutely Not!

There is no rest for the wicked. I"ve been in the conference and convention planning business for well over 20 years (that"s a whole other story). Many of my friends assume that meeting planners and industry suppliers have a lot of down time over the holidays. Wouldn"t that be nice! However, the truth is that when there is a perceived "quiet time" for meeting and events, that"s usually when planners are busy working on proposals, closing files … [Read more...]

Do You Belong to a Meeting Planners Association?

Many meeting planners evaluate the pros and cons of belonging to a meeting planners association. There are many meeting planners associations out there to choose from. So which one is right for you? Well, of course, that really depends on what you intend to get from a membership to a meeting planners association. Some people are looking for educational components where others are looking for networking and supplier ideas. Whatever your … [Read more...]