Sometimes a Meeting Planner Has To Accept Responsibility Too

The sign of a great meeting planner (or any leadership role really) is one that doesn't mind being challenged by their colleagues. Now by that I don't mean that people should be disrespectful to anyone in a leadership role. Rather, a sign of a great leader is someone that is willing to be challenged with the goal of having the best possible outcome. Here's a Story of a Meeting Planner Unwilling to Accept Some Responsibility I once proposed an … [Read more...]

3 Evening Event Planning Ideas for Conventions and Conferences

It seems that meeting and event planners are often tasked with coming up with great evening event planning ideas, especially during conventions and conferences. But here's the thing, what is it about a convention or conference that meeting planners think they need to fill up every possible waking minute with an activity? Now before I get the replies that say they have to make the meeting exciting, I want you to know that I understand that. But … [Read more...]

Planning an Event in Russia? Better Hope Your Attendees Aren't Gay

Believe it or not here we are in 2013 and we"re still talking about discrimination against homosexuals. The good news is that the discrimination that I"m referring to is not occurring in North America. The bad news is that this anti-gay discrimination is still occurring at all, anywhere. I know meeting and event planners that are either planning an event or have held an event in Russia. I"m wondering whether Russia"s anti-gay law will have an … [Read more...]

Stress and The Life of a Meeting Planner!

It seems with every report and survey that screams a meeting planner is amongst the top ten best careers comes equally compelling reports that say being a meeting planner can be one of the most stressful occupations as well. As I type I can hear a rousing “exactly” from all my meeting planner friends. And no matter the career, I’ll be the first to say that every job comes with its own set of pressures and worries. And as we all know meeting … [Read more...]

Handling Event Planning Online Reviews

We’ve been event planning and hosting face-to-face meetings for a dog’s age and in dog lingo that’s a long time. And I’ve said it before and here I go I’ll say it again, it takes a uniquely special person to conquer the role of planner. I of course am biased (extremely biased) when it comes to the event and meeting planning industry. I am one of the lucky ones that have been able to plan events, meetings and conferences for many years and make a … [Read more...]