Stress and The Life of a Meeting Planner!

It seems with every report and survey that screams a meeting planner is amongst the top ten best careers comes equally compelling reports that say being a meeting planner can be one of the most stressful occupations as well. As I type I can hear a rousing “exactly” from all my meeting planner friends. And no matter the career, I’ll be the first to say that every job comes with its own set of pressures and worries. And as we all know meeting … [Read more...]

Handling Event Planning Online Reviews

We’ve been event planning and hosting face-to-face meetings for a dog’s age and in dog lingo that’s a long time. And I’ve said it before and here I go I’ll say it again, it takes a uniquely special person to conquer the role of planner. I of course am biased (extremely biased) when it comes to the event and meeting planning industry. I am one of the lucky ones that have been able to plan events, meetings and conferences for many years and make a … [Read more...]

Event Planning Ethics; Do We Have a Problem Here?

For any of you that have been in the event planning business for some time, what I"m about to write here will come as no surprise to you. I cannot tell you the amount of networking events, that I have attended, where the conversation turns towards ethics in the industry. Generally speaking, the comments come from the supplier side of the industry. Destination Management Company (DMC"s) Are Considered the Local Experts I want to give you a brief … [Read more...]

Event Planning and the Convention Center

Convention centers are a big part of the meetings and events industry. Pretty much every city has one. A convention center is primarily utilized by, but not limited to, associations and trade shows. The centers usually consist of one or more large open spaces with several smaller or "breakout rooms". The groups that will utilize a convention center tend to be larger in size. That"s where the smaller rooms, or breakout rooms are attractive to the … [Read more...]

Event Planning Tips on How to Prepare for a Meeting

Meetings are pretty much a part of every industry. And it"s probably something that you don"t look forward to. If you"re like me, I sometimes dread going to meetings. You see, many of us look at meetings as a disruption in our day. And let"s face it with event planning comes meetings. It"s one of those unavoidable tasks that we need to do in order to ensure that all of our planning will be successfully executed. Meetings Are Big Part of the Event … [Read more...]