How to Greet People around the World: Tips for a World Meeting Planner

Has this situation ever happened to you? You're introduced to someone from a different culture. You extend your hand and shake their hand firmly. However you get the strong feeling that they're not very comfortable with this type of greeting. Well then this blog post may help you the next time you find yourself in a similar situation. Additional articles that may interest you:  Travel Tips – Advice the French Offer for Traveling to … [Read more...]

World Meeting Planner-Top 5 Cities

There is no doubt that the US is the top country for meetings and events. A lot of that has to do with the sheer volume of the US economy as well as the large number of industry associations that reside in the US. However you may be surprised to learn that not one US city (or North American city for that matter) ranked in the top 10 city destinations. Certainly an opportunity, and some say challenge, for many Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) … [Read more...]

Sometimes a Meeting Planner Has To Accept Responsibility Too

The sign of a great meeting planner (or any leadership role really) is one that doesn't mind being challenged by their colleagues. Now by that I don't mean that people should be disrespectful to anyone in a leadership role. Rather, a sign of a great leader is someone that is willing to be challenged with the goal of having the best possible outcome. Here's a Story of a Meeting Planner Unwilling to Accept Some Responsibility I once proposed an … [Read more...]

3 Evening Event Planning Ideas for Conventions and Conferences

It seems that meeting and event planners are often tasked with coming up with great evening event planning ideas, especially during conventions and conferences. But here's the thing, what is it about a convention or conference that meeting planners think they need to fill up every possible waking minute with an activity? Now before I get the replies that say they have to make the meeting exciting, I want you to know that I understand that. But … [Read more...]

Planning an Event in Russia? Better Hope Your Attendees Aren't Gay

Believe it or not here we are in 2013 and we"re still talking about discrimination against homosexuals. The good news is that the discrimination that I"m referring to is not occurring in North America. The bad news is that this anti-gay discrimination is still occurring at all, anywhere. I know meeting and event planners that are either planning an event or have held an event in Russia. I"m wondering whether Russia"s anti-gay law will have an … [Read more...]