Ask the Expert – Office Holiday Parties Edition

Plan an Event has been inundated with questions about office holiday parties. With Christmas just mere days away. A scary thought in itself. We’ve been flooded with inquiries about planning as well as attending holiday office parties. So we figured this month instead of doing our regular Q&A session. We would address both sides of holiday office party situation. Planning Office Holiday Parties With Christmas just around the corner there’s … [Read more...]

Easter Party Games Fun!

Easter and Easter Party fun is just around the corner. This year Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 20th. Easter is a significant day for some and is known as one of the holiest of Christian holidays. And it celebrates the resurrection of Christ just three days after he died. And this holiday has lots of Americans rejoicing, partying and spending on average $131.00 per family. Easter Party, Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs, What … [Read more...]

Holiday Party Time is Here!

The holiday party season is here. And if you are like some just the  thought of hosting a holiday party send you into a panic. All the effort and work that is involved with party planning, especially this time of year when our plates are so full. All the decorations, drinks, food and fun, oh my… the pressure! When looking to plan a party and avoid the dreaded stress, nothing works better than a bit of pre-party planning. And when it comes to … [Read more...]

Corporate Events Planning – The Modern Office Holiday Party

Whether you say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa or just good old Happy Holidays...`tis the season! It's the season for giving and the season for celebrating. And for most us (most importantly) the season for partying! And even with the current economic climate, most companies still try to make sure that they offer up some sort of holiday celebration so their staff can enjoy and will know that, yes, they are appreciated. Corporate … [Read more...]

Party Tip – The Holiday Office Party – What NOT to Do!

Time really does fly. That special time of year is here and “snap” the holiday season is upon us. The holiday office party is usually an annual occasion and is a great time to unwind and relax, socialize with colleagues and have a plain old good time. However, always important to bear in mind, though disguised as a party it remains a work situation. So never and I mean NEVER let your guard down. While a workplace holiday office party takes place … [Read more...]