1st Birthday Party Ideas – Happy Birthday to You!

It’s your special one’s first birthday, an extremely significant milestone for you and of course your family. After your wedding, some say this is the second most momentous event in your lifetime. I’ll leave that one for you to decide. Celebrating your baby’s first birthday commemorates the culmination of an extraordinary year and creates memories that will be remembered and cherished forever. Depending on whom you talk with, some feel … [Read more...]

First Birthday Party Ideas – It’s All About the First!

When it comes to party planning and first birthday party ideas it really is all about the first! There’s one thing I know for sure, the first birthday party of any boy or girl is a special one. And as parents we want to ensure the party is equally as special. But until you are knee deep in the actual birthday party planning, you don’t realize all that truly goes into the organizing and preparation of that special day. Or in fact the real … [Read more...]