Interview with Dave Ferguson, from Perfect Event Proposals

Here at PlanAnEvent we're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools to help meeting and event planners. We recently connected with Dave Ferguson, from Perfect Event Proposals. Dave is working on a proposal creation platform designed specifically for event planners. Perfect Event Proposals focuses solely on minimizing the time it takes to respond to RFP’s & create professionally designed, multimedia proposals and win more … [Read more...]

How to Use Event Hashtags to Engage Attendees

In the meetings and events industry communicating with attendees can be frustrating. A meeting planner often needs to communicate program changes, room changes etc. So it's vital that a communications process is in place. Event hashtags have become a quick and easy way to keep all of the meeting's delegates informed. So What Exactly Are Event Hashtags? Simply put, hashtags are words or phrases with the "#" sign in at the beginning (i.e. … [Read more...]

Budgeting Tips for Events

Budgeting tips are a hot topic right now at many networking events. Seems everyone is looking for that silver bullet. Many meeting planners select an event venue based on its budget. Now don't get me wrong, budgets are important but knowing how to budget an event can mean the world of difference for the event's success. There was a networking conversation, in particular, that caught my attention. It occurred in a LinkedIn group. In that … [Read more...]

3 Crisis Management Tips for a Meeting Planner

Oh yes, crisis management. For a meeting planner it's become part of the job. Or has it? Many planners think that by covering disasters on an insurance disclaimer they've covered crisis management. While that may be true from a financial aspect, many would fail big time if an actual crisis occurred during their business meeting. My, and my company's, crisis management experience was put to the test on 9/11. We were operating a business meeting … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Select Venues

Venues are a vital part of a meeting's program. Typically event venues are used for the social components of a meeting. They are also what takes up a considerable amount of time when proposing to a meeting planner. Often the venue is off-site, meaning that you are taking the group from their hotel to a specific venue for a specific function. From a suppliers point of view the venue selection is the creative portion of a proposal. And it's often … [Read more...]