3 Crisis Management Tips for a Meeting Planner

Oh yes, crisis management. For a meeting planner it's become part of the job. Or has it? Many planners think that by covering disasters on an insurance disclaimer they've covered crisis management. While that may be true from a financial aspect, many would fail big time if an actual crisis occurred during their business meeting. My, and my company's, crisis management experience was put to the test on 9/11. We were operating a business meeting … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Select Venues

Venues are a vital part of a meeting's program. Typically event venues are used for the social components of a meeting. They are also what takes up a considerable amount of time when proposing to a meeting planner. Often the venue is off-site, meaning that you are taking the group from their hotel to a specific venue for a specific function. From a suppliers point of view the venue selection is the creative portion of a proposal. And it's often … [Read more...]

Information on How to Become an Event Planner

The number one question that I get asked is always about how to become an event planner. There really is no one answer that is applicable to that question. Yes there are the standard answers such as go to college, get an internship or start working at an established event planning company. I am a huge proponent of post secondary education. I really do feel that if someone is interested in becoming an event planner, meeting planner or party … [Read more...]

Event Feedback – One Word Evaluations

Obtaining event feedback can be challenging 1.   Filling out an extensive survey at an event takes time.  Participants may not wish to allocate this time, especially if they have paid to attend the event.  Sending an event feedback survey after the event may result in a relatively low return rate.   I’ve often suspected that the most and least satisfied people may be the ones most likely to respond, resulting in not having responses from the major … [Read more...]

Honor Someone Special at Your Family Reunion

As you plan your family reunion or other annual summer event consider honoring a very special person or a few very special people at the event. 1 Perhaps, you would like to recognize: Grandparents or parents for all of the special experiences they have provided.   A couple who recently got engaged or married to wish them well. A recent graduate or someone departing for or returning from military active duty or overseas assignments to thank th … [Read more...]