Google Plus Communities for Meeting and Event Planners

By now I am assuming that most meeting and event planners are part of the 500,000,000 Google Plus members. What started as an invitation only service has quickly become one of the largest social networking services. It"s often described as Facebook for the business community. Like other social networking sites, there are areas within Google Plus where like-minded professionals can connect. They are called Google Plus Communities and Google Plus … [Read more...]

What If You Plan an Event and No One Wants to Come

Have you ever attended an event and wished you were somewhere else? Or perhaps there have been times when you couldn"t wait to get to a particular function. Can you remember what it was about the events that you didn"t want to attend? Or better yet, do you remember what it was about the events you wanted to attend. These are the questions meeting and event planners tackle as part of their everyday jobs. For me, I have attended events that I … [Read more...]

10 Ways That a Convention Center Helps Meeting Planners

Pretty much every city has a convention center. When you speak with meeting and event planners about using convention centers, usually the comments are about group sizes. Seems the conventional wisdom out there is that convention centers are best utilized by larger groups. While convention centers are very well equipped to handle large groups, you"d be surprised to know that the sales staff also target medium and small sized groups as well. Types … [Read more...]

Event Planning Tips for Staying Cool

We seem to be having our fair share of heat waves already this summer. And, of course, for those event planners out there there is always a worry when we get extreme weather during an event. The number one rule of thumb is not to ignore the extreme heat that many parts of the East are currently enduring. With a little bit of planning there's no reason why your group can't still proceed with all of the activities that you have planned. A Few … [Read more...]

5 Best Uses of Twitter at Conferences

If you're an event organizer, you're too busy to set up engaging twitter feeds for big screens, filter them, and promote the feeds to all the folks who couldn't attend in person. If you're a conference attendee, following along on the fast-moving Twitter streams can be overwhelming, especially when there are too many retweets and off-topic conversations. These 5 tips may help you keep up, whether you're an attendee or an … [Read more...]