Honor Someone Special at Your Family Reunion

As you plan your family reunion or other annual summer event consider honoring a very special person or a few very special people at the event. 1 Perhaps, you would like to recognize: Grandparents or parents for all of the special experiences they have provided.   A couple who recently got engaged or married to wish them well. A recent graduate or someone departing for or returning from military active duty or overseas assignments to thank … [Read more...]

How Event Planners Can Break Bad News to Their Clients

As the saying goes, nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news. That statement holds true for event planners. I'll admit, it can be difficult to deliver bad news. Especially when the person you're delivering it to is your client or customer. There's the fear that the customer will blame you. There's no doubt that a meeting planner's job is demanding and therefore many meeting planners need to make decisions quickly. Therefore they're relying on … [Read more...]

Event Checklist: Determining Your Event Objectives (Part Two)

This is the second article in the series about event checklists and how to establish event objectives. Read part one of this article: Event Checklist: Determining Your Event Objectives (Part One) In the first article of this two-part series, I outlined event checklist tips that covered; Attractions and Tours, AV, Caterers, Decor and Equipment, Delegate Gifts and Meeting Services. These categories, as well as the ones that we're going to talk … [Read more...]

Event Planner Resume, How to Land Your Dream Job

So you want to be an event planner. Now what? Do you simply hit the streets and submit an event planner resume to as many companies as possible? Well, while that is one way of getting your name out there, it may not necessarily be the most effective way to promote yourself in the meetings and events industry. Many Human Resource professionals say that one of the most important items, or actions, that they look for when interviewing are results. … [Read more...]

3 Evening Event Planning Ideas for Conventions and Conferences

It seems that meeting and event planners are often tasked with coming up with great evening event planning ideas, especially during conventions and conferences. But here's the thing, what is it about a convention or conference that meeting planners think they need to fill up every possible waking minute with an activity? Now before I get the replies that say they have to make the meeting exciting, I want you to know that I understand that. But … [Read more...]