Ask the Expert – Internship Edition

New month new edition of Ask the Expert. And this month it’s all about Internships. We’ve noticed there has been an increase in the chatter on social media and industry blogs about internships. So we thought perfect topic for our team of event planning most valuable professionals to tackle. As always ask the expert is a convenient and handy way to get answers to some of your pressing event planning questions and concerns. Every month we highlight … [Read more...]

Paid Internships Versus Nonpaid Internships

Lately it seems that the debate about whether or not an intern should be paid seems to be increasing. Perhaps it's because of the press coverage where we learned of an intern's death being linked to the amount of time that he was working. Generally speaking internships are designed to provide on-the-job training and experience. In our industry event planning internships are crucial to career development. I reached out to some industry colleagues … [Read more...]

The Best Career Advice I’ve Ever Received

Good career advice may be the best secret to success. Who hasn’t received wise and timely advice on the path to a great career? Some of the more successful people hint that good career advice was one of the secrets to their success. And we’ve all been there. Someone takes the time to share their experience, insight or knowledge. The good, the bad and yes sometimes even the ugly. Most people I know have a similar story about someone taking the … [Read more...]

Event Planner Optimism is on the Rise (Survey)

It's always a good sign when people become more enthusiastic about their careers. An event planner is no exception. A recent British Meetings & Events Industry Survey (BMEIS) has revealed that event planners  are feeling very good when it comes to their careers and their industry overall. Event Planner Optimism-the Number of Meetings and Events Are Expected to Increase The survey asked individual event planners where they thought they would … [Read more...]

Are you interested in a Meeting Planner Career?

Breaking into the meeting planning business takes a mishmash of education, experience and passion. It seems almost everyone I meet lately appears to have an interest in meeting planning and a meeting planner career. Not that I am the authority on meeting planner careers but it feels like I get hit up for my thoughts and opinions as well as asked countless questions about the topic almost weekly. Meeting planners coordinate and organize each … [Read more...]