Resources for Creating an Event Planning Checklist

event planning checklistI have often noticed on this blog that many visitors are looking for an event planning checklist. It almost always tops our list of searches. And I consider that a good thing. You see, to me anyways, planner templates play a vital role in organizing many event and meeting planners. It shows that people are always looking for ways to help increase their productivity without having to re-create the wheel each and every time they’re planning a new event.

An Event Planning Checklist Works to Establish a Blueprint for How You Execute Events

If you’ve read a few of our articles regarding templates and checklists, then you’ve probably noticed that we talk about establishing templates that are tailored to the individual that is using them. Each of us has our unique way of executing events. What an event planning template does is help the planner establish a blueprint to work from. From there, I always recommend that people personalize their templates, or checklists.

Additional Resources to Help You Establish Your Own Event Planning Checklist

As I mentioned above, we have written many articles over the last couple of years dealing with event planning checklists and templates. Some of the articles delve into the actual checklist items which are important to incorporate into your event planning checklist. And others are more of a resource providing you with information on finding the most suitable checklist based on your specific needs. We even show you how to come up with your own event planning checklist by highlighting parts of your job tasks which recur no matter what the event.

Download, or Print, Our Event Planning Checklist Here.

Looking for a Party Planner Checklist instead? Check out our Party Planning Checklists page here.

Whatever your specific reasons are, you’re sure to find the right information here. And it’s something that were continually developing and writing about on an ongoing basis.

Below are some additional resources for searching and developing your event planning template:resources for an event planning checklist

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  • This post deals with the type of event planning forms and, specifically, which type we use most.

Party Planning Checklist – Party Planner’s Map To A Fun, Worry-Free Bash

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What Items Make up Your Conference Planning Checklist?

  • In this post we look at an overall conference. What we do in this article is break down the various components of that conference (hotel, travel, tours, off-site activities).

How To Find A Good Event Planning Guide

  • Here you’ll find information on external resources for finding event planning guides. Microsoft is an excellent resource for free event planning templates.

Where to Look for Guides to Meeting and Event Planning

  • Continuing on our hunt for external resources that we can refer, this article focuses on’s event planning resources. Click here for a robust list of what event planning resources is offering.

An event planning checklist plays a vital part of planning and executing events. But it’s important to note that each template can vary from one planner to the next. And that doesn’t mean that the results of the actual event would be any different. Rather, it’s best to look at an event planning checklist as a blueprint from which you would add your way of executing events.