It’s all About the Planning When it Comes to Planning a Wedding!


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Marriage is about a lifetime of love and commitment and weddings are a special day meant to be exciting and filled with love and enjoyment. So once the proposal has been accepted and celebrated, the fun begins! Now it’s all about the planning. But don’t be fooled, planning a wedding can be extremely hectic, time consuming and stressful.

Planning a wedding is something most brides (and some grooms) have been thinking and dreaming of for most of their lives. But often, what we imagine and dream about doesn’t translate to the actual experience. Things can get pretty crazy, pretty fast when planning a wedding. But don’t panic, there are lots of ways to preserve your good sense and rationality.

It is imperative to establish, early on, a plan and checklist that will help you to define and accomplish the undertakings required to plan a successful wedding.

Planning a Wedding – Let’s Get Started!

Create the Budget – First and foremost set the budget, outlining the maximum amount you can and want to spend. Once the budget is set be sure to follow it! You don’t want to spend your time as newlyweds agonizing about all the debt.

Determine the Wedding Date – Choose the date the works best for the couple, taking into consideration symbolism, significant dates, seasons and prices. Be sure to allow enough time for the actual planning and organizing of the celebration.

Decide on the Size of the Wedding – The style of wedding will help determine the size of the wedding which must be decided before a venue can be secured. The couple should think through how they see their wedding day. How many can the budget support and will it be a large or small event are key factors.

Choose the Wedding Venue – Now the couple starts searching out venues and researches the per person costs while ensuring the venue is able to accommodate their ideal number of guests. When considering, keep in mind the wedding style and location. Remember, the budget is very important because the greater the budget, the more money you have to be dedicated to the venue.

Decide on the Wedding Party – The wedding party should match the budget, style and size of the wedding that is being planned. Life is busy and it’s key to decide and choose the wedding party early on and let the chosen know. Select the suitable mix of a fun, reliable and responsible group of attendants that will ensure the wedding day is effortless and a great time is had by all.

Find and Confirm the Officiator – The person selected to perform the ceremony has a major impact on the tone and feel of the service. So finding and booking the best person to marry the happy couple is an essential decision. Choose the person that you are sure will execute the type of ceremony you are visualizing.

Pick Wedding Colors/Themes – The event color scheme helps to set the mood and ambiance and is has a large influence on the design and style of the wedding. It also will help to establish some of the other areas such as invitations and bridal party attire. Themed weddings are not imperative, however it is very in-style for many brides and grooms.

Create The Guest List – When planning your wedding, it is never too early in the process to start putting together the guest list. Once you have decided on the wedding location and the number of guests that fit into the budget, you are ready to start creating the guest list. One would think that compiling the wedding guest list is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning, but don’t be fooled. It can be one of the hardest. You have an unbelievable amount of things pulling you in many directions, budget, wedding size, venue capacities and parental opinions to name a few. So get started early.

Select the Wedding Wardrobe – For the bride, it’s all about the dress. There are countless wedding dress styles and designs that are appropriate for all tastes and budgets, from designer to gently worn. Equally important is what the groom and wedding party will be wearing. Every bride is different, some will coordinate the wardrobe with the wedding colors and theme and some won’t. Don’t forget about the ever important accessories and factor them into your wardrobe budget.

Every wedding is different but they all require attention to so very many details. So many in fact that they can’t all be covered in one blog. Be sure to check us out tomorrow for more wedding planning musts!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the article and loved the design of the infographic. You provided some very helpful tips. My wedding planning is almost done, thanks goodness. But I still picked up a couple of tips. Thanks!

    1. Andrea aka “The Bride”. Thank you for your comments. We wish you the best of luck on your special day and of course a lifetime of happiness.