Conference and Event Planning Forecast for 2013

conference and event planning forecast for 2013

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Anyone involved with conference and event planning will tell you that the last four years have been a challenge, to say the least. As far as my memory goes (and trust me it doesn”t go that far) I can”t think of another period in my life where the economic downturn has lasted so long. And in case you”re wondering that”s around a half a century. Each year we”ve all been promised that this is the end of the recession and things will get better. And as each year passed we started to get excuses as to why the growth just wasn”t happening as fast as we were told. There were so many excuses I can”t even remember why anymore.

So What Industry Trends Are We Hearing for 2013?

Well, I”m pleased to tell you, that the outlook for conference and event planning is looking pretty good for 2013. I know, we”ve all heard this before.

So what makes this year”s forecast different from other years?

In a nutshell it”s the confidence of the meeting and event organizers. It”s not just some organization telling us that we should expect to see increases in business trends. And it”s always a good sign when the movers and shakers within the industry are starting to project positive outcomes for this year.

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Expected Conference and Event Planning Trends for 2013

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Recently Meeting Professionals International (MPI) conducted a survey of senior meeting and event organizers. From that, 40% said that they were expecting to see positive budget changes in 2013. We haven”t seen that number in a long time. As well, over 50% of event organizers stated that they were expecting greater attendance in 2013 at their meetings. However, expect to see an increase of 2.8% for Airline fees.

The folks at American Meetings have stated that they are not seeing any signs of a downturn with 2013 bookings on par currently with those in 2012. Meetings that are expected to exceed in 2013 come from the consumer products and technology sectors.

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Planning a meeting in Europe? Then you can expect to see value. Western European countries, which are still recovering from the European debt crisis, are putting a huge focus on incentive travel.

By all accounts, 2013 is shaping up to be a positive year for conference and event planning. The one factor that stands out from all others is that we are seeing confidence about meetings in 2013 from event organizers.




  1. I have a feeling this year will be a good year. I am always happy to stay busy catering to meetings and conferences.

    Keep up the good work everyone.